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Re: “An Ubuntu Community that is a Community”

(Disclaimer: This is a knee-jerk reaction to this post. I need to register to that stupid blog system to comment, so I preferred to respond here.)

No, Jonathan, I’m [1] not dead. If I sometimes don’t post anything is because I don’t have anything relevant to highlight (and it’s not like I want to follow Michael Meeks’ approach for blogging). You’re implying that the Ubuntu community is not “caring” and that Kubuntu is the “refugee” for us, or what is your point? Because honestly, adding a “k” to my community doesn’t change anything. I find it wrong to take advantage of your dissatisfaction with Canonical so you can advertise your “pet community”. [2]

You’re obviously discontent of the Mir announcement, but why are you mixing that with an unfounded accusation that the Ubuntu community [1] are suddenly disregarding all others?

You flopped it when you chose the title for your post.

[1]: Read: me, my LoCo…
[2]: I know this isn’t the right term.


2 thoughts on “Re: “An Ubuntu Community that is a Community”

  1. What Jonathan means, I think, is that Kubuntu (and probably other Ubuntu derivatives) are communities with the traditional sense of an open source community: anyone can discuss ideas, suggest things, vote… – and they are heard.
    Ubuntu does have a community, but they are either app developers or “consumer” users. Not the right word, maybe, but I mean people help testing, can report bugs, but don’t participate on the decisions. That’s the main point.
    What really clicked me on this one was which was marked as Won’t Fix because of design decisions, despite hundreds of people supporting a different path. In this particular case, a configuration option would be trivial.
    I’m not saying Unity is bad, or Canonical is evil. I hope Canonical succeeds in all it’s Ubuntu / Unity products. It’s just that there’s no Ubuntu “community” for me (in the traditional sense), but groups of users / app developers / whatever.
    PS: If everybody in your LoCo would agree on something which would conflict with Canonical’s design / business decisions, would that thing be taken into account?

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