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Don’t be misled: Mexicans haven’t approved Trump’s “visit”…

… and we are as confused as everybody else by this news. It makes absolutely no sense, neither for Peña nor for Trump.*

Even Moby is flabbergasted as to why this visit was even devised:

He says: “dear Mexican friends, why are you inviting Trump to your country? He’s called you ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals’. Trump is no friend of Mexico”.

Of course that orange motherfucker is no friend of us. We know it very well, and we have never approved him stepping on our soil. We also have never taken any of his crap to begin with! But you should also know that our most honorable president, Mr. Enrique Peña, is as shitty as Trump is. Even worse: Spurious Peña is servile, egotistic, very ignorant, a complete cheat and too much of an idiot to realize how much he’s damaging the country — as if he ever gave a fuck about directing Mexico at all, ha ha. In his idiocy he’s followed all the wrong leads he could: he’s alienated the middle class with half-assed constitutional reforms that have only served to increase the income gap and inequality even more, by caring only about the vested interests of his allies. If we ever had an international image of being a banana republic (which we are not), Peña has only incentivized it, scandal after scandal… This PRI mandate has been a curse, and most of us didn’t even want it on the first place: the 2012 election was, as usual, rigged.

So yeah, I think I can say we Mexicans are, unfortunately, very experienced when it comes to unjust, corrupt politics. I’m afraid United Staters are also going to know first-hand how absurd and unbelievable national politics can get. It seems that too much of a good administration is always going to lead ultimately to hogwash-loving actors hacking their way into the mainstream political scene. It was bad enough that somebody like Trump could get away with a major party nomination — that was an assault against reason. Now, we are all feeling the chills because this circus is getting really, really scary.

* Well, but Trump is incapable of maintaining a consistent posture on anything for more than a minute.


One thought on “Don’t be misled: Mexicans haven’t approved Trump’s “visit”…

  1. Nobody here can control the wacky impulse behaviors of El Jefe Cheeto. We must give him sufficient rope with which to hang himself. We know it’s a stunt, however, not based on an invitation from Mexico.

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