Who’s this annoying guy?

Hello! I’m a professional software translator and a contributor to the FOSS. I have translated and proofread many software applications (including proprietary ones), web apps and documentation into Spanish, the mother tongue of myself and other 20 billion people around the world, and the second-most used language in the Internet.

I’m mainly involved in Ubuntu, Gnome, Xfce, LXDE, The Document Foundation (makers of LibreOffice) and Wikimedia. I strive for quality and peer-review, and my love for collaboration is comparable to my hate for typos. It’s common to see me fixing specific strings in addition to creating translations from the ground-up or overhauling existing ones.

My typo-detecting eye is also fond of good typography, app and editorial design.

My translator profiles

If I helped you, you may donate a buck to me on PayPal. I don’t expect you to do that, but if you do, thanks! You’re great!

One thought on “Who’s this annoying guy?

  1. Tonatiuh Ortiz says:

    buen dia. amigo, quisiera apoyarte con la traduccion de libreoffice; algun correo donde te pueda enviar los screenshots de las partes que tengan problemas de traducción..

    Quedo al pendiente de tu respues .. saludos

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