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Please don’t add pointless comments to bug reports

I generally dislike when someone wants to drag attention from public over such a small nitpick, because it produces a lot of unproductive and annoying noise to bug subscribers; and that’s exactly what happened: lots of one-sentence comments were added even after the bug was marked “Fix Released” (!). Remember to re-check the page you’re commenting on, and press F5 if necessary. And if your input to the bug will only consist in “it affects me too, fix it!!!!1”, I’d say it’s better to avoid commenting. By the way, Launchpad has a button you can click to mark you as affected.

Everyone should read every Bugzilla’s etiquette, and Ubuntu’s own commenting guidelines. Sometimes it’s just dreadful having to deal with all of this, particularly when someone forgets you’re a volunteer triager and attacks you as if you were a Canonical employee, or something. (This didn’t happened to me this time, but in the past.)

And… this is just a note so you can have this in mind before commenting in bug reports. I’m as friendly as always, and you can contact me if you need help on bug triaging. 🙂