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Ubuntu Font Family, version 0.84 (with Arabic and Hebrew) up for testing in Xenial

In case you’ve upgraded to the Xenial (16.04 LTS) development release, you’ll have noticed that a new version of the Ubuntu Font Family has been uploaded to the archive (thank you, Laney and Canonical Design Team!)

Take a look at the changelog to learn about the bug fixes and other goodness contained in this release. Most importantly, this upload finally ships the Arabic and Hebrew glyphs that the Dalton Maag crew beautifully designed back in ~2011.

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Capital Sharp S for the Ubuntu typeface


This is my first attempt at creating an additional glyph for the Ubuntu Font Family. I was checking out this bug report and decided to create the missing glyph.

Any typophiles out there? Which is the best approach to design a German Capital Sharp S (ẞ)? I will tweak it futher as time permits, following your suggestions. I have just started!